Referral Program

Referral Program

DCWC Referral Program

Choosing a New Summer Camp Can Be a Challenge!

In fact, it’s a big decision for most families. Parents are often inundated with pictures of happy children and marketing messages that leave them asking: Is it for real? Who can I trust?

Deer Crossing Wilderness Camp is privileged to have some of the happiest parents out there – and we love that you talk! Answering questions for your friends, providing helpful insight, and recommending Deer Crossing…. Our Referral program will reward you for doing just that.

How the Program Works

It is easy. We pay $100 for every new family that is referred to Deer Crossing and attends at least one session. There is no limit to the number of referral fees you can qualify for!

At the end of the summer, we will contact each family who has referred a friend. You can choose to take the cash or apply the amount to next year’s camp fees. Your choice.

How to Refer Someone

All you have to do is spread the word. You can also email us contact information and let us follow up with them. New families are asked on their registration form for the name of the family or person who referred them to Deer Crossing. That is it.

Hearing firsthand about other family’s experiences with a camp is often the single greatest factor that influences where parents choose to send their children. So simply sharing your family’s story is all it takes. Here are some options:

  1. It’s a simple conversation to have. Either directly at swim lessons or in the playground after school or via email to your network: Are you thinking about an overnight camp for next summer? If you are, I wanted to let you know about our family’s experience with Deer Crossing Wilderness Camp …
  2. Have a few friends get together? We can help you set up a “pizza party”. We will come and supply food and slideshow. We would love the opportunity to meet families and share the Deer Crossing experience in person.

Here are some additional Deer Crossing facts that might be interesting ….

  • 40 year history helping children build resilience and independence while having fun and learning new skills
  • Program promotes character traits associated with leadership: positive attitude, empathy, courage, persistence, and responsibility
  • Exciting skills that we teach are just our means of building character
  • Only lodge-based roadless wilderness camp in California.
  • Lake at our front door, peaks rising to over 9,000 feet at the back door, and 100 square miles of national forest around us
  • Camp Owners/Directors Doug Fischer and John Ellis are always available to talk about camp.

What if they forget to list us on their form?

Have no fear. Just email John at and let him know the name of the family you referred. Once John speaks to them, he will update the referral database.

Remember, the family must be new to Deer Crossing. Also, they have to attend camp for at least one session in order to qualify for the referral bonus. And please let them know that once they register, they are free to receive the benefits of the referral program as well.