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Camp Info Sessions

Find Out More about Deer Crossing Camp

We strongly encourage all first-time families and families interested in learning more about Deer Crossing Camp to attend a Conversation with the Camp Director. These virtual gatherings are an excellent way to learn what makes Deer Crossing such a special place and get answers to your questions. It’s also a good opportunity for your camper to get a sense of what their stay at camp will be like and ensure it’s a good fit with their interests. The Camp Director or Assistant Director leads each conversation.

2022-23 Conversations with the Camp Director

ThursdayOctober 19, 20237:00–8:00 PM PTZoom
WednesdayOctober 25, 20237:00–8:00 PM PTZoom
WednesdayNovember 8, 20237:00–8:00 PM PTZoom
FridayNovember 17, 20237:00–8:00 PM PTZoom
ThursdayDecember 7, 20237:00–8:00 PM PTZoom
WednesdayDecember 13, 20237:00–8:00 PM PTZoom
ThursdayJanuary 18, 20247:00–8:00 PM PTZoom
WednesdayJanuary 31, 20247:00–8:00 PM PTZoom
WednesdayFebruary 14, 20247:00–8:00 PM PTZoom
ThursdayFebruary 29, 20247:00–8:00 PM PTZoom
WednesdayMarch 13, 20247:00–8:00 PM PTZoom
ThursdayMarch 21, 20247:00–8:00 PM PTZoom
WednesdayApril 10, 20247:00–8:00 PM PTZoom
FridayApril 26, 20247:00–8:00 PM PTZoom
WednesdayMay 8, 20247:00–8:00 PM PTZoom

Email the camp office or call 650-369-4382 to get the link for the session of your choice.

In-Home Gatherings

Invite your friends and neighbors to a camp gathering in your home! We’ll work with you to host a gathering at a mutually-convenient date and time, and be there to lead the conversation.

Parent References

Let us know if you’d like to hear about Deer Crossing from an experienced camp parent. Our parents are happy to share the fun their camper has had as well as what they learned at camp. Call 650-369-4382 or email the camp office for reference contact information.