California Sleepaway Camp California Sleepaway Camp

California Sleepaway Camp

California Sleepaway Camp

For the best California Sleepaway Camp, come to Deer Crossing. Deer Crossing Camp is approved by the American Camp Association. We are voted one of California’s best sleep away camps. We offer arts and crafts, water front activities, rock climbing, survival skills and more. This is the place where kids can turn on their creativity and really have fun!

The arts and crafts program at Deer Crossing is designed to teach children creativity and basic skills in arts and crafts. We do not sell or use ready made craft kits. Instead, kids enjoy drawing, painting, clay and much more. Also, we offer book making, beading, friendship bracelets, kites, knitting, jewelry making and more.


California Sleepaway Camps

Kids enjoy making new friends and creating memories that they can share with their families. Above all, our campers enjoy being creative and making projects that they can keep for years to come. If you are looking for the best California sleepaway camps, then come see us at Deer Crossing!

What’s the value of outdoor adventure camps?

The outdoor environment provides a natural platform for helping to bring kids out of their comfort zones. Our Outdoor adventures in particular provide many opportunities for growth through challenging activities. When we change the routine of our everyday lives, we are opened up to a world of new possibilities.

Camps in California

As over 14 million children across the country head off to day and overnight Camps in California this summer, they’ll return home with more than just a cute camp t-shirt. The summer camp experience can give kids an advantage in school and in their everyday life.

Camp nurtures social skills

Camp is a community away from home and school where kids learn to work with each other and adult mentors, build relationships and manage conflict.

Camp models healthy living

According to the Centers for Disease Control, obesity in children has doubled, and in teens has quadrupled, in the last 30 years. Thanks to the many activities camp offers, kids stay busy and physically active. More camps are also working to offer healthier food choices for their campers.

Camp enhances self-confidence

70 % of parents report that their child gained self-confidence while at camp. Whether they work through homesickness or tackle an activity that pushed them outside of their comfort zone, kids walk away feeling a stronger sense of personal pride and confidence. 

Camps in California help kids unplug and build lasting friendships

In a distracting digital world, camp offers valuable space where kids can slow down, connect with others and focus. Away from the pressures, labels and social structure of school, one of the best parts of camp is the opportunity for kids to make new friends.

Camp brings kids back to nature

Kids today are growing more and more attached to life in cyberspace and further detached from the natural world. Camp provides kids the perfect backdrop to see what they’ve been missing in the great outdoors.

Camp fosters teamwork

Camp facilitates an environment where kids learn that to succeed they must work together with peers and camp leaders. Whether they’re working to build a campfire, playing a game, or preparing food, campers learn to problem-solve and accomplish goals. Through teamwork, kids learn that they are each an important part of the camp community where they can feel a sense of belonging.


Deer Crossing is one of the premier camps in California. Give us a call. at (650) 369-4382