About Deer Crossing Staff



2023 StaffEach year, Deer Crossing assembles and trains enthusiastic young adults who possess skills and talents that enhance campers’ wilderness experience. Some come from colleges and universities throughout California and the U.S., and others from overseas, including Europe, Asia, Latin America, Australia, and New Zealand. All have something special to offer the campers at Deer Crossing, and they’re dedicated to bringing the best out of campers and themselves.

All staff complete applications and are interviewed in person or via Zoom by the camp owners. We check references through phone interviews and/or written questionnaires and Facebook and LinkedIn pages. International staff submit local police background checks and U.S. staff complete full background checks, including criminal history. Every member of the staff is checked against the Nationwide Sex Offender Database, every year.

Our instructors are qualified beyond the standards set by the State of California and the American Camp Association. They complete an intensive 12-day training course prior to camp and are certified in Professional CPR, Standard First Aid, and Wilderness First Aid as well as American Red Cross lifeguarding with advanced waterfront training. Some staff arrive already certified as Wilderness First Responders (WFRs) or EMTs. Each instructor is responsible for the 24-hour-a-day safety, well-being, and happiness of the campers.

Program staff at Deer Crossing are called “Instructors” for a reason—they are not typical camp counselors. We hire instructors who can teach beginning to advanced classes in their area of expertise, such as sailing or rock-climbing. They all have counselor capabilities and want to work with youth. Staff are highly trained and create a positive impact on the lives of young people and each other.

“Deer Crossing is a life-altering experience for campers and instructors alike. After seven years as a camper at DCC, my purpose this summer was to make DCC as memorable for these campers as the place has been for me. I walk away from DCC a stronger, more confident person, happy that the campers I’ve instructed walk away with the same feelings of accomplishment.”

Evan T, camper 1994–2000, Instructor 2002

Meet the Staff

Nic W
Asst. Director, Windsurfing & Kayaking Instructor
This is Nic’s 5th summer at Deer Crossing as a camper, LIT and returning for his 3rd year as an instructor, and his 2nd summer as the Assistant Director. Nic has DCWC in his blood since his parents met here as staff, and he grew up backpacking in Desolation Wilderness during summers at camp. Nic grew up in the UK and is currently studying engineering in the Netherlands. Nic returns to our leadership team and will teach windsurfing and kayaking. He also has strong rock climbing skills, and plans to explore new routes near camp.
Laura R
Lead Instructor, Windsurfing & Canoeing Instructor
This is Laura’s 4th summer at Deer Crossing as a camper, LIT, WGIT, and now first year as an instructor. Laura will be part of our leadership team and will teach windsurfing and sailing. As a WGIT last summer, Laura developed her competence in working with campers and staff, and this summer she will bring her positive attitude to DCWC to encourage others to develop their competence.
Timur S
Technical Tree Climbing & Kayaking Instructor
This is Timur’s 11th summer at Deer Crossing as a camper, LIT and returning for his 2nd year as an instructor. Timur will be part of our leadership team and will teach tree climbing and kayaking. He looks forward to training campers to reach the tops of our Jeffrey pines. Having long-since mastered rolling a kayak without a paddle, he’s hoping to master the “Houdini roll” this summer (with arms tied into his life jacket).
Anna L
Windsurfing & Canoe Instructor
This is Anna’s 8th summer at Deer Crossing as a camper, LIT, and now first year as an instructor. While she has tried all of our activities, Anna spent a lot of her time at camp windsurfing and passed triangle (one of the highest levels of windsurfing at camp) at 16. Anna is looking forward to mentoring and teaching our campers, and she will be teaching windsurfing and canoe. She also has some solid skills playing guitar, on the pottery wheel, and creating “mosquito art”.
Carson S
Rock Climbing & Guitar Instructor
This is Carson’s 7th summer at Deer Crossing as a camper, LIT, and now first year as an instructor. As a 10 year old first time camper, Carson was inspired by the LITs and Instructors to become a positive role model himself, and he has returned to DCWC almost every summer since. Carson will be teaching rock climbing and guitar, and he will bring his experience, resilience, courage and musical skills to camp. And he will be the role model he envisioned for himself.
Simon C
Technical Tree Climbing Instructor
This is Simon’s 5th summer at Deer Crossing as a camper, LIT, WGIT, and now first year as an instructor. He has been spider rigging (climbing into the canopy of our Jeffrey Pines) for 3 years, and as a WGIT last summer Simon supported our campers and staff in tree climbing and around camp. Simon has passion for tree climbing at DCWC and at home, and this summer he will use his years of experience and positive attitude while teaching those skills to others.
Elisabeth W
Windsurfing & Technical Tree Climbing Instructor
This is Elisabeth’s 7th summer at Deer Crossing as a camper, LIT, and now first year as an instructor. Elisabeth was 11 years old her first year at DCWC, and she always wanted to be a LIT and an Instructor. At DCWC we strive to assist people in reaching their goals, and this summer Elisabeth will be teaching windsurfing and tree climbing. As a camper Elisabeth enjoyed the DCWC community and learning so many different outdoor activities, and as an instructor she is looking forward to giving those opportunities to a new generation of campers.
Alex W
Rock Climbing & Windsurfing Instructor
This is Alex’s 4th summer at Deer Crossing as a camper, and now first year as an instructor. Deer Crossing is rooted in family legacy as his parents met here as staff, and yes, Alex shares the same parents as Nic. He studies engineering in the Netherlands. Alex will be teaching rock climbing and windsurfing. “With vivid memories of joyous camp days, from windsurfing to campfire camaraderie”, Alex is eager to guide new campers through the thrills of rock climbing and the rush of windsurfing. He is dedicated to kindling the enchanting Deer Crossing spirit and encouraging campers to reach new heights.
Mia M
Rock Climbing & Kayaking Instructor
This will be Mia’s 1st summer at Deer Crossing, and her 3rd year working for a summer camp. Mia will be teaching rock climbing and kayaking, bringing her joy of the outdoors and encouraging campers to thrive in these challenging activities. She recently completed a semester long course learning advanced rock climbing, swiftwater canoeing, canyoneering, and earning her Wilderness First Responder (WFR) certification.
Loveness M
Archery & Arts-and-Crafts Instructor
This will be Loveness’s 1st summer at Deer Crossing, and she will be teaching archery and arts-and-crafts. Loveness has taught campers for years in Zimbabwe. She will bring to DCWC her passion for the outdoors and enthusiasm to inspire campers, and will strive to create a positive environment at camp.
Charlotte S
Sailing Instructor & Arts-and-Crafts
This will be Charlotte’s 1st year at Deer Crossing, and we are very excited to have a sailing instructor with her experience. Charlotte has been sailing most of her life, and has been competing for the past 4 years in high school and college in Virginia. She loves teaching sailing, and makes it fun for new sailors by being patient and enthusiastic. Charlotte will also be teaching arts-and-crafts, and she is skilled in drawing and sketching.
Maelle C
Arts-and-Crafts & Windsurfing Instructor
This will be Maelle’s 1st summer at Deer Crossing, and her 3rd at a camp having spent 2 summers at camps in the French Alps. Maelle will be teaching arts-and-crafts, and her love of art can be seen in her impressive portfolio. She will also bring her creative and positive energy when she teaches windsurfing and rock climbing.
Rob B
Kayaking & Canoeing Instructor
This will be Rob’s 1st summer at Deer Crossing, and he has been involved with Scout camps in the UK most of his life as a camper and instructor. Rob will be teaching kayaking and canoeing, and he will bring his confidence, experience, and good humor to those activities. He is looking forward to the challenge of DCWC and to have a positive impact at camp.
Adeline V
Sailing & Crafts Instructor
This is Adeline's 1st summer at Deer Crossing. She brings a wealth of camp experience back east including numerous backpacking trips on the Appalachian Trail. Adeline sails competitively at William and Mary and looks forward to teaching campers the tricks of keeping the mast side up.
Armando G
This is Armando’s 1st summer at Deer Crossing, and his 2nd summer working as a cook at an overnight camp. Armando attended culinary school in Xalapa and has years of experience preparing complex meals. One of his specialties is pastries.
Maria R
This is Maria’s 2nd summer at Deer Crossing, having taught arts-and-crafts last summer and this summer she is working in the kitchen to keep us all well fed. She studies industrial engineering in Puebla, Mexico. Her bright smile and lively personality will undoubtedly draw some campers into the kitchen to learn how to make some of her favorite dishes.
Max D
This is Max’s 1st summer at Deer Crossing, and his 2nd summer working as a cook at an overnight camp. Max has years of experience working as a cook in Xalapa, and one of his responsibilities at DCWC will be preparing meals for campers and staff with food restrictions. In addition to his love for cooking, Max is also a strong swimmer and plans to participate in the swim across the lake.
Marco F
Construction & Maintenance
Marco returns to camp for a sixth year as Deer Crossing’s multi-talented, one-man maintenance team. A law and industrial engineering student in Veracruz, he studies the task, makes sure he understands what the goal is, and then gets to work - no matter what project we throw at him. A friend to all, Marco has a big smile and enjoys rock climbing on his days off.