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“What a difference this summer made! Each year, the kids are becoming more confident, more outspoken, more willing to take risks. Deer Crossing is a key part of their growth. Thanks for being part of our kids’ lives.”

Lyazzat & Mike A, parents, 2013-2021


“DCC has really pushed me to the limits of what I thought I could achieve and beyond. Peaking a snow-covered mountain in summer was a learning experience I will never forget.”

Ada P, camper, 2017-2019


“The WGIT program really allowed me to see camp through a different lens. It gave me countless opportunities to teach campers what I was passionate about at camp (kayaking) and gave me a taste of the instructor’s life–an experience that I won’t find anywhere else.”

Jeremy W, camper 2017, LIT 2018, WGIT 2019


“Thank you for the amazing experience that our kids had at camp. They came back happy, excited, and felt they had developed some great core skills. They loved their instructors, the activities, the friends they made, and just the overall experience. It’s amazing how matter-of-factly they spoke of camp chores, whether dishwashing or cleaning the toilets. We could not be more grateful as it shows they learned respect for different chores and think that their engaging in it is just another thing you do at camp.”

Arvind G, parent, 2019 & 2021


“My son was really homesick for 3 nights but the instructors compassionately helped him through it. He was very proud that he stuck it out AND had fun. He is also proud of making it to the top of the rock-climbing wall, his first time climbing on real rock!”

Parent, 2019


“My daughter loved and admired the instructors. She definitely felt supported and accepted by them, and that added to her sense of Deer Crossing as a safe place to take risks and try new things.”

Parent, 2019


“His most memorable story of camp was how much he loved learning how to sail for the first time. He recalls with enthusiasm the time they flipped the boat, got wet and cold, and had to right the boat again.”

Parent, 2019