About Deer Crossing Covid 19

Covid 19

Deer Crossing Camp and Covid in 2024

We recognize that if Covid, colds, or other illnesses are brought into camp they tend to spread (despite our protocols that reduce transmission) and tend to diminish the camp experience for at least several other campers. To keep campers healthy and maximize the camp experience we have the following protocols in place (equally for campers and staff).

  • We ask campers and their families to avoid large gatherings in the week before the camper’s session starts.
  • We ask parents to keep sick campers home. Sick campers recover faster and more comfortably at home. Sick campers may be able to be accommodated once recovered in a later session, if space is available. If not, tuition insurance is the only option for a refund.
  • Campers will be screened for illness prior to boarding the bus or hiking in to camp. Campers who appear sick will be sent home.
  • Camp follows CDC recommendations. An up-to-date booster (Sept 2023 or later) is required for all campers and staff. (CDC guidance will be reassessed in Spring for any changes needed before camp.)
  • For the first 3-4 days of each session, we will eat all meals outdoors, in cohorts, checking for any illness brought into camp.
  • At the first sign of respiratory illness, we will test campers for Covid-19. If they test positive, we will contact parents to arrange pick-up as soon as possible. If they test negative, but still have symptoms, they will be moved into their own tent, will eat apart from other campers and staff, and depending on severity we may contact parents for a pick-up. We want to avoid spreading any type of illness in the camp community.

If you have any questions or just want to talk about the situation, please don’t hesitate to call us at 650-369-4382.