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Deer Crossing offers a variety of sessions and lengths of stay at camp. The sessions fall into two groups: the general session (one-, two-, and four-week sessions) for campers ages 8-17, and the leadership programs (CIT, LIT, and GIT) for campers ages 14-17.

Deer Crossing is designed around a two-week schedule. We recommend a minimum stay of two weeks. This gives campers a chance to participate in a variety of activities including programs which occur in the second week of each session, such as campfire, white water rafting, and out-trips.

First-time campers may opt for a one-week session. Our one-week session gives campers an introduction to Deer Crossing activities and the wilderness experience. Feel free to contact the office to decide if the one-week program is right for your camper.

We also offer four-week sessions, or two back-to-back two-week sessions. Campers in four-week sessions have a chance for more in-depth training in the activities they are interested in. Our strongest windsurfers, rock climbers, and kayakers often stay for four-week sessions.

Our leadership programs–Counselor-in-Training CIT (2 weeks), Leader-in-Training LIT (4 weeks), and Guide-in-Training GIT (4 weeks)–are specially tailored programs that include all of the activities of the general program but go above and beyond with leadership, lifeguard and first aid training and instruction opportunities.

Two-Week Session

Your two weeks at Deer Crossing are packed with everything our camp has to offer: tons of activities, campfire, white water rafting, out-trips, and more. Here is an outline of the two weeks at camp.

Week 1:



Arrive, hike in, orientation


Swim test, activities




Activities, campfire
Week 2:  


Rest day: sleep in, brunch, no activities, open beach


Activities, white-water rafting






End of session BBQ


Departure day, hike out

Campers may also sign up for a four-week session, which is two back-to-back two-week sessions. See the enrollment page for session dates.

One-Week Session

The one-week session is appropriate for campers who are new to Deer Crossing and its wilderness location. Campers in the one-week program get a good feel for life at Deer Crossing.


Arrive, hike in, orientation


Swim test, activities




Departure day, hike out

See the enrollment page for one-week session dates.

CIT: Counselor in Training

Deer Crossing's Counselor-in-Training program is for teens who would like to learn the skills for working in a resident camp counselor position. This is a two-week program.

CIT candidates are 14-17 years of age, with good character, good swimming skills, and have the desire and enthusiasm to learn how to lead in a summer camp setting. Two references from school counselors, teachers, coaches, or employers are required.

CITs learn the basics of being a camp counselor, assist instructors in program activities, and help in the daily jobs of camp life. CITs are guided by a CIT director who helps plan their daily activities, conducts training sessions, and evaluates their progress. They are invited to sit in on staff meetings and get-togethers with advanced leadership participants.

Visit our enrollment page for this summer's CIT session dates and fees. For more information on the CIT program, please contact the office.

LIT: Leader in Training

The Deer Crossing Leadership Program provides teens with a unique framework for building leadership skills. Hear what previous LITs have to say about the program:

Through the process of becoming a LIT, my whole perspective and view of the world has changed. The late-night psychology classes have given me many attitude “positactics." I have learned to push my limits and expand my envelope.

Julie McPherson, California

The LIT program impacted my life for the better. I left a stronger person who now understands just how far I can push myself, and just how much I can accomplish. LIT provided me with the tools to not only accomplish the many goals I would like to achieve in my lifetime, but also the tools to help change the world for the better.

Hannah Hall, Arizona

When I was an LIT my limits were being constantly pushed, it taught me how to dig deep and overcome any challenge that came my way. I use what I learned during the program every day of my life. I am so grateful to have been apart of the LIT program.

Nick Blach, California


  • Age 15-17
  • Good physical health: Applicant should have a regular exercise schedule, at least three times a week, which could include after-school individual or team sports.
  • Able to swim at least 300 meters freestyle non-stop.
  • Maintaining a B average or better, academically.
  • Ability to read 6-8 books in 30 days.
  • Involved in extracurricular activities such as drama, debate, scouting, electronics club, class officer, etc.
  • Community service work.
  • Desire to be a leader. This course is not something your parents sign you up for.
  • Emotional stability. Ability to keep a positive attitude. Love challenge.
  • Director's approval. The program is limited to 6-8 participants each summer. Some LIT candidates may need to do preparation work prior to the start of the LIT program. This may include volunteer community service, physical conditioning (especially in the area of swimming), raising a grade point average, or working on other personal areas that the director feels will contribute to success as a LIT.
  • Phone or Skype interview with the Director.

Areas of Instruction:

  • Wilderness First Aid scenario training
  • Practical teaching experience
  • Learning to use self-esteem as a motivational tool
  • Making positive changes in your personality
  • Video tape analysis of your presentation skills
  • Skill development in an area of choice, such as rock climbing, windsurfing, canoeing, kayaking, etc.
  • Wilderness guide training and orienteering skills
  • Creative methods for solving problems
  • Goal setting techniques
  • Wilderness survival training
  • Analysis of learning styles
  • Facilitation techniques
  • Certifications: American Red Cross First Aid, CPR, Lifeguard; Deer Crossing Leader-in-Training Graduation Certificate.

General Information:

  • Previous enrollment in Deer Crossing's CIT programs is helpful but not required. If you feel you meet the program qualifications, call the camp office to arrange a phone interview with the Director.
  • Taking the LIT course does not guarantee future employment with Deer Crossing or any other camp, but it's a definite plus on your application.
  • LITs do not have responsibility for campers.
  • LITs have free time and participate in regular camp activities.
  • LITs have fun while learning a lot.


  • Learning people skills that will positively affect your relations with your family, friends, teachers, and employers.
  • Increased self-confidence.
  • Skill certifications that allow work in outdoor occupations.
  • The awareness to shape your personality into who you want to be.

The things you find you can do, the experiences you are put through, are so intense and powerful it's mind boggling. The best part is that I can take what I've learned into the world and make a difference.

J.P., California

Visit our enrollment page for this summer's LIT session dates and fees. For more information on the LIT program and how to apply, please contact the office.

GIT: Guide in Training

Those who complete the LIT program may be invited to come back to camp as a Guide-in-Training (GIT). GITs spend two of four daily activity periods in special GIT classes (e.g., new memory techniques, wilderness first aid), assisting an instructor teach a class, or in periodic group meetings with the Camp Director. During the other two activity periods, they participate in camp like any other camper. An extra privilege granted to GITs is the opportunity to sit in on the LIT classes to reinforce what they have already learned or to learn new topics that have been added to the LIT program. They may be invited to attend staff meetings, as appropriate.

Participation is limited to a maximum of 4 GITs per two-week session. Contact the camp office to get the GIT application and instructions for completing the registration process. Once they turn 18, many GITs return to Deer Crossing as an instructor (although employment is not guaranteed).

I’ve been able to experience DCC as a camper, LIT, GIT, and now instructor. It has been an incredible experience that gave me responsibility and challenge. The psychology techniques have incredible power and I’m always fascinated. I’ve loved my nine years here and I’ll be back to visit. I love my other home.

Vince Harrington, California

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