Evening Activities

Campfire Program

Campfire is held in a natural granite amphitheatre nestled in the forest and roofed by the Milky Way. Each campfire is different. There are stories, songs, joke tellers, riddles, skits, charades, naming the constellations, and improvisational comedy routines. Talented campers show how they can wiggle their ears, sing songs they have written, and play the guitar. We've had original poems, gymnastics, martial arts, and magic. It's always a surprise and there's always applause for the performers.

Campfire Scene

Of course, there is the traditional marshmallow roast and making of s'mores. To make it special, and to give campers time to prepare their routines, there is one campfire in the second week of every two week session.

Acoustic Guitar

Our guitar classes get you playing a song in the first lesson. Take more classes and you learn chording, tuning, and finger picking. When campfire comes along, you can play songs you've learned from the Deer Crossing play book, or write your own original songs and perform solo, or get together a band.

Guitar classes

Trout Fishing

Bring your own tackle and land a delicious meal or catch and release. Loon Lake is stocked with brown and rainbow trout. Most fishing is done from our lake shore. Campers who have graduated from our canoe program can go out with a guide and canoe fish. Those who go on the canoe camping trip have an opportunity to fish the mouth of Dragon's Lair, an underwater cave one mile long that goes to Buck Island Lake. The biggest fish caught by campers has been a 24" rainbow. Treks into the backcountry provide numerous opportunities to cast your hook into the many streams and lakes of Desolation Wilderness where rainbow, brown, brook, and even golden trout hang out.

Improv Theater

Love to laugh, act, role-play, or just be silly? Join the evening improvisational comedy theater program. We base these classes on the Bay Area Theatre Sports play book and the television program What's My Line?

Fun Stuff

In the evening we have ping pong, volleyball, charades, Frisbee golf, first aid classes, and a game cabinet with everything from Monopoly to chess. In some sessions we have a theme night where everyone dresses up Western style, or Roman togas, or with ties made in the craft room, followed by a dance.

Deer Crossing is an experience that one can never forget. Here you learn a sense of responsibility, a sense of respect for nature, and above all, a sense of respect for yourself.

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