Safety at Deer Crossing

Deer Crossing has one of the best safety records of any summer camp in the United States.

Our outstanding safety record is due to training and awareness. Instructors exceed the American Camp Association requirements for safety training. They are certified in Standard as well as Wilderness First Aid. Some staff are certified Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs). While most camps have only a few lifeguards on staff, most of our staff are certified American Red Cross Lifeguards with advanced open water training. Professional Rescuers CPR certification is standard. Deer Crossing also conducts hands-on safety scenario training for all staff.

It's not just our instructors who are concerned about safety. In our core program, first time campers learn artificial respiration, canoe rescues, and other safety skills. Working with both staff and campers results in a safety awareness that filters into all our programs.

A hospital with ambulance service is within an hour's drive, and emergency helicopter service is available from the Sacramento and Lake Tahoe areas. We have a helicopter pad adjacent to camp. Deer Crossing maintains a satellite phone and satellite Internet service for emergencies.

All activities–from archery to climbing, waters sports to campfire, and rafting to the last day when campers hike out to return home–has instructor supervision. Due to our small size and high ratio of instructors to campers, we are very aware of campers' well-being.

Food and Nutrition

Well-balanced meals, including homemade bread, fresh vegetables and fruits, are served family style in the dining hall. Food is delivered weekly to the boat launch ramp at Loon Lake. We load everything aboard the camp boat and transport it into Deer Crossing where our cooks turn out delicious meals. We also make accomodation for vegetarian meals.

In place of soda machines and candy dispensers, the kitchen always has bananas, oranges, apples and other fresh fruit for between meal snacks. If there is interest, the cooks teach campers how to make bread, chocolate chip cookies, and other foods for all to share.

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